12 Great personal development posts this week

I read a lot of personal development posts throughout the week, mainly to keep up to date with fellow bloggers, to get some ideas and to stay up to date with information.

I thought I would share 12 of the best posts I have read this week:

  1. 9 things you can do to increase your income – Dumb Little Man
  1. Learn the first steps to become an ‘unclutterer’ – Lifehacker.com
  1. Simplifying your information intake – Lifehack.org
  1. How to speed up highly creative tasks – ScottHYoung.com
  1. How to turn rejection into triumph – Lifedev.net
  1. Hopeless situations – StevePavlina.com
  1. How are you programming yourself everyday – Goal Setting College
  1. Beating the morning rush: The 3 minute ‘slow carb’ breakfast – FourHourworkweek.com
  1. An interview with Jon of Freelancefolder.com – Blogclout.com
  1. 45 Tips for a happier, Simpler and More Productive Life – thenext45years.com
  1. 10 Curiously strong ways to declutter your car – alexshalman.com
  1. The worlds youngest billionaire – Zacjohnson.com

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