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“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” By : Alexander Graham Bell Transition is a part of life.  When we’re children, the different chapters in life come in rapid succession. Crawling […]

[Video] A Quick Way To Meet New People Who Can Actually Become Your Friends

If you meet new people on a regular basis, then you have a great chance to build a very fulfilling social life. Better yet, if the people you’re meeting are interesting to you, then the task just gets easier. While most of us don’t stumble upon that many new people, we can actually do something […]

3 Important Things You Should Do To Change Successfully And Positively

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If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. – Maya Angelou. We’ve all been there. There will be times in our life where we want to make a change. It could be something physical like building up your miles so you can run the London Marathon one day. […]

2 Must Haves for Falling Back in Love with Your Spouse

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Are you worried about losing that loving feeling with your spouse? You wish you felt like you did when you first met. Sparks fade and fireworks fizzle, but the friendship and intimacy in marriage can keep growing. Everyone’s marriage naturally changes over time. And most hit a dry spell when their relationship is better described […]

Passion Shouldn’t Be A Hobby


One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is the people I meet.  It’s interesting to me how we tend to associate with people that are similar to us.  When I worked in corporate America, I interacted almost entirely with people in the same world.  People that also worked for investment firms.  Breakfast, lunch […]

The Zen of Driving in Rush Hour Traffic

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I don’t know where you live, but in my home state of Maryland driving in rush hour traffic is like being in a Nascar Race. I’m not kidding. One time I was on the interstate and I was almost run off the road by an eighteen-wheeler. I guess I wasn’t going fast enough for him, […]

Think like Isaac Newton: 8 Ways to Become an Accurate Thinker

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What do you find difficult to think accurately on? How accurate is your thought towards your goal? Do you want to take your thinking faculty to the next level? Scientists are said to be the accurate thinkers of all time because they work with fact. There is a scientific method of carrying out experiments which […]

How to Begin Dramatic Change the Right Way

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The world changes around us everyday. We experience change as an outsider all the time. Yet, when we want to create a sustainable change in our own lives we often struggle. Why is change so hard for me? It’s a question that we ask ourselves when we can’t seem to change to be the type […]

Stop Being a Copy Cat

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I had a lot of trouble trying to find myself and getting a grip of who I was meant to be. I was always trying to find new people to act, and be like. I was always trying to be like someone else. I did not have a sense of who I was. I was […]

How To Use Thoughts That Hold You Back

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Ever had a negative thought? Then you’ll know that negative thinking can prevent you from being happy, trying new things and achieving your potential, as well as many other drawbacks. One of the most serious and life damaging effects it can have is to hold you back from doing things that you actually want to […]