How writing a letter to Santa will make you more creative


Oh, I do remember being a child. And I cherish those memories so much. I was one of the youngest children in my extended family. My siblings and cousins were older than me and that’s a tough position for a child – I had to endure the older kids trying to spoil my childish fantasies […]

Top 20 Most Shared Facebook Posts of 2014


Facebook has been huge for me this year ever since I really started focusing on it in December 2013. The hard work has finally paid off with over 630,000 likes to the page, up from 35,000 likes this time last year. Change Your Thoughts Today Facebook Page   It has been so good that I […]

The Best Kind of Courage We Can Get


I’m not just sure if it was our parents, our siblings, society, the media, or that cheeky little kid in the schoolyard  who told us we need to be someone we’re not in order to be accepted, good enough, valuable, and worthwhile human beings. Wherever it came from, though, it’s not nice. And how it […]

Crystal Personality Quiz


Look at the 6 crystals below, which are you drawn to? Don’t choose your favorite color, choose the one you are most attracted to at this very moment. Below is the explanation of your choice – but don’t cheat, just pick the one you’re drawn to: Shared with kind permission from Karina Collins – Internationally […]

6 Core Questions For Building Meaningful Success.


Success! Most of us want it, but what is it? For many success is being one of the best in their profession, travelling when they wanted to, having a healthy bank account, living in a great place surrounded by family and friends, having free time to enjoy life and be happy. Living the dream! That […]

7 Ways to Feed your Soul

Feed Your Soul

Money – It’s a beautiful thing that supposedly makes the world go around, and to a degree it does, but when it comes right down to it, it’s great to have but it leaves a hole in our soul. The purpose of life is to leave a mark on the world. When we are are […]

What Is Your Energy Vibration?


Colours vibrate at different frequencies. Our energy, as human-beings, also vibrates – what level we vibrate at, says a lot about the state of our mind, body and soul. We can go up and down vibrations, depending on how at peace we are with ourselves and what lessons we need to embrace. Look at the […]

7 Resilience Strategies that Help Me Survive Challenges & Adversity in my Life.


“Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.” Jamais Casci The word Resilience has its origin in the Latin word resilíre, which means, To leap back or, as I like to say: bounce back. Resilence helps to make certain the uncertain things […]

How To Relax In Less Than One Minute


What I’m about to show you can be learned in a matter of seconds and used for a life time. It will help you relax, in under 60 seconds, no matter what is going on around you. It is so simple that even a child can do it, yet so powerful it is life changing. […]

6 Gifts I Took From Prison


In many ways, going to prison is like being on your own death bed. You don’t want to be there, yet you know it is inevitable under certain circumstances. You feel like you are at the end of your life, and that is so distressing because your heart is beating and your mind wants to […]

5 Things You Must Do Before You Look for Love Again.


Ah, we all love being in love, yes? Who doesn’t? How we love to have that warm fuzzy feeling when you have that special someone  bring you flowers, open the car door for you, leave cute little post-it notes on the coffee maker for you.  Yes, love is bliss. With it, also comes that beautiful […]

When Did You Last Experience The Rain


We are so busy with our lives these days that we forget to actually live, instead we dance through life without taking a step back to marvel at the dance itself. A few weeks ago whilst taking a break, I poured myself a coffee and looked out of the kitchen window.  The skies were dark […]

3 Body Language Adjustments That Will Change Your Life


“The body never lies” -Martha Graham The next time you watch a movie, put it on mute. The only stimulus you should be receiving is the movement of the actors. Notice how your eyes naturally focus on their body movements and positioning. I guarantee you that the storyline and emotion will be just as convincing […]

25 of The Most Inspirational Pages on Facebook


As many of you know I have been avidly studying Facebook for the last 9 months in an effort to make it work for my business.  I have now found out exactly how to make it work and have doubled my bottom line since implementing the strategies over the last few months.  I have literally […]

An Email Your Boss Didn’t Send – But Should Have


Dear (say your name out loud) Thank you! I don’t always get the time to tell you how much I really appreciate everything you do for us so I wanted to send you this note instead. Thank you, for everything you do each day that I don’t see and may never know about. It is […]