How to Fend Off Creativity Critics and Idea Squashers

CYT Creativity Critics

I want to address something that might help those who are having some fears about expressing their creativity in life. I truly believe that all of us, deep inside, have a loving, creative voice that is dying to come out and be expressed. Most of us will keep that voice suppressed perhaps even throughout our […]

99 Essential Positive Affirmations

Cognitive dissonance

  I have been using positive affirmations for most of my adult life and know that the subtle changes they have made to my thinking has changed my life beyond measure. You might think repeating positive affirmations to yourself seems like new age hoo hah, which is kind of what I thought when I first […]

Solving the People Pleasing Puzzle

CYT People Pleasing Puzzle

Today, I stopped people pleasing. I am 40, and you would think that I’d had plenty of time to get over it! If you are nodding ‘yes’ then you probably don’t struggle with this dis-ease and you should only read on if you want to help someone you know. Because a lot of what I […]

Three Reasons to Stop Dreaming About Your Future – Today!

Dream it

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”  “Reach for the stars,”… “You can do anything you set your mind to…” If we’re lucky, we can barely walk or talk when we first hear these types of fiercely encouraging phrases.  (And to be clear, confidence and ambition are great things.)  What motivational types, our […]

7 Steps To Create Positive Energy During A Bad Day

cyt bad day

We all experience bad days at least once in a while. You name it: being sick, failing an objective, doing something stupid, or getting rejected and embarrassed. Take me for an example. I have experienced some interesting stuff lately. My business was preforming under expectation. I started experiencing health problems. And one of my worst-case […]

How to Be the Friend Everyone Wants to Have

CYT Be The Friend

If you want high-quality friendships in your life, you probably have wondered whether you’re the kind of friend people want. Maybe you hesitated in the past because you felt intimidated by a group of people, and maybe you thought that you don’t have what it takes to be friends with them. If you can understand […]

The REAL First Step Toward Your Dream Job

Businesswoman in suit standing near stairs

We all have something of value to offer the world. And if we’re working to land our dream job, then we probably spend much of our time trying to nail down what exactly that thing is and how to convince others of its value, too. But there is a better way to go about it. […]

The Only Way to Achieve Your Dreams – Use Your Super Power

Genie from lamp. 3D render.

Everyone has dreams and desires. Everyone has wishes. Your dream may be to own a big house, or to build your own business. It may be to provide excellent education and opportunities for your children, or it may be to find the love of your life. You may desire to know your self better, to […]

3 Things You Need to Find Your Authentic Self

Rainbow woman

Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else. ~ Judy Garland We often categorize ourselves and paint a picture of who we are by our jobs and roles in life however it is important to understand, you are not your job, what you do or neither are you […]

4 Strategies for Getting Noticed At Work (That Actually Help!)


Unless you’re a social butterfly, chances are you’ve experienced some pretty blah moments at work and found yourself going unnoticed and skipped when promotions and raises are handed out.  The rent is due so crawling back into bed isn’t a viable option, but what’s an introvert, albeit a hard working one, to do?  Perhaps you […]