6 Gifts I Took From Prison


In many ways, going to prison is like being on your own death bed. You don’t want to be there, yet you know it is inevitable under certain circumstances. You feel like you are at the end of your life, and that is so distressing because your heart is beating and your mind wants to […]

5 Things You Must Do Before You Look for Love Again.


Ah, we all love being in love, yes? Who doesn’t? How we love to have that warm fuzzy feeling when you have that special someone  bring you flowers, open the car door for you, leave cute little post-it notes on the coffee maker for you.  Yes, love is bliss. With it, also comes that beautiful […]

When Did You Last Experience The Rain


We are so busy with our lives these days that we forget to actually live, instead we dance through life without taking a step back to marvel at the dance itself. A few weeks ago whilst taking a break, I poured myself a coffee and looked out of the kitchen window.  The skies were dark […]

3 Body Language Adjustments That Will Change Your Life


“The body never lies” -Martha Graham The next time you watch a movie, put it on mute. The only stimulus you should be receiving is the movement of the actors. Notice how your eyes naturally focus on their body movements and positioning. I guarantee you that the storyline and emotion will be just as convincing […]

25 of The Most Inspirational Pages on Facebook


As many of you know I have been avidly studying Facebook for the last 9 months in an effort to make it work for my business.  I have now found out exactly how to make it work and have doubled my bottom line since implementing the strategies over the last few months.  I have literally […]

An Email Your Boss Didn’t Send – But Should Have


Dear (say your name out loud) Thank you! I don’t always get the time to tell you how much I really appreciate everything you do for us so I wanted to send you this note instead. Thank you, for everything you do each day that I don’t see and may never know about. It is […]

Are You An Ambivert


All my life I have considered myself to be introverted, which is cool, I like being an introvert. However I was somewhat baffled.  Whilst I don’t like to be the centre of attention I still like people to know I am out there, if that makes sense. I love writing, which is very much a […]

6 Reasons You don’t develop skills and Miss on the Returns


Life fluctuates between boredom and anxiety, but most of the time we stay in our comfort zone. Agree to disagree with the above statement. How many times you begin doing something and when it becomes harder you get back into your comfort zone? You may think that it makes no sense putting in the hard […]

8 Truths to Conquering Indecision


Are you stuck by indecision? Is it driving you a little crazy? You know what I mean…thinking and more thinking, should I, shouldn’t I, what do I do, what would happen if… It usually results in a lot of aggravation and sleepless nights. Yeah, I’ve been there too and it’s agonizing! Want to be more […]

32 Things You May Regret 10 years From Now


Some of us are just existing and not living. Wouldn’t you rather set the world on fire and do something that challenged you, caused you to get up out of bed each morning actually looking forward to the day ahead, do something about that dream you’ve always had, start that business you’ve been talking about […]

4 Simple Steps to Help Embrace Happiness and release Fear


I remember when I first began my journey. I believed I was fearless. I had spent years taking physical  risks. There wasn’t anything I feared or at least so I thought. Then one day I faced those pesky things  called emotions and I reluctantly realized I was actually totally fear based. I had actually spent […]

The Connections We Share


A few years ago we had a little dog called ‘Trinity’ (named after a character from one of my favourite films ‘The Matrix’). She was a beautiful and boisterous little Lhasa Apso, and we bought her to help my young son, at the time, to get over his fear of dogs (which worked). At fours […]

5 Steps to Protecting Yourself as an Empath


The other day I wrote about the 7 Signs of Being an Empath and it received an amazing response.  It seems there’s more of us than I had first imagined. On my Facebook page and a few other pages where it was shared, one question kept coming up: How do I protect myself as an empath? The […]

20 Things I Wish I Knew When I was 20!


This month I will be turning 30! While I am excited to embark on a new journey in this decade, there are also a few things I wish I knew sooner that would have helped me to navigate my twenties! 1. Most likely your life will not go according to your “plan.” – It is […]

7 Signs That You Are an Empath


All my life I have been a bit strange, or that’s how other people described me.  For the longest time I felt I didn’t belong here on this earth, it wasn’t my time to be alive, the jacket of life just didn’t fit me and I had no way of altering the jacket. As the […]