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Hi, Steven Aitchison here

Readers are tired of signing up to hundreds of separate offers to get thier free ebooks, so I have started something a little different.

Readers sign up to this email list and will get a link sent out every single day to a free ebook, without having to sign up - great! the readers wins!

You could also win out of this format by allowing me to add your free, quality, ebook to the email sequence which will direct readers to a link like this. As you can see there is a direct download link to the ebook, but there is also a link underneath to the full program.

There are two options to becoming a contributor:

a) Pay $100 to have your ebook in the email autoresponder sequence with a link to your full program on the download page, up to 3 ebooks for $100 each

b) Email a link out to your list to the signup page and have your book and link in the autoresponder for free, up to three free ebooks with links. You must send at least 500 clicks to the signup page.

If you are interested in option a, you can make payment here:

If you are interested in option b, send me an email to check for more details.

As I plan to have a full autoresponder sequence for over 1 year, the higher up the autoresponder sequence you are the more readers you will get to see your offer. So it's best to get in early.

If you have any questions about being a contributor send me an email and we can talk about it further.

Kind regards


Steven Aitchison



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